Access to years of elite-level experience.

David has over a decade of experience competing and coaching at the highest levels of powerlifting. He has held national and international records and titles and been head coach of the Australian Team at Oceania, Commonwealth and World Championships. Over the years, David has worked with lifters of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. Whatever your lifting problem or technical issue, he has almost certainly encountered and solved it before. It is this level of experience that will fast-track your progress, refine your technique, and enable you to reach and exceed your goals.


Yani Zhao,
Powerlifting World Record Holder
Dave has made a huge impact on my lifting career...

Dave has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry as both an elite athlete and strength coach. His extensive qualifications and experience is what separates Dave as a leading strength professional. I met Dave when I first started Powerlifting in 2014 as a completely clueless beginner. Dave has helped me learn correct lifting technique from the get go and has continued to have a positive impact in my lifting career by offering his infinite knowledge to critique my performances. Leading into the Powerlifting World Championships 2015 where I claimed Gold, Dave was able to instantly identify lifting technique inconsistencies that no other coach could. Dave has made a huge impact in my lifting career from a complete beginner to a World Record Holder. 

Dave is super friendly and definitely a very valuable asset to anyone serious about improving their strength.



Tony Reinmuth,
National Champion and Australia's Strongest Man
Dave has always pointed me in the right direction...

I have trained with David Jame for three years. When I first started training with Dave it was very easy to see he has a wealth of skill and knowledge and has always pointed me in the right direction when I wanted  to improve something or change technique. He has not led me down the wrong path yet or left me hanging with an unanswered question. He is a great coach, trainer gym buddy and friend.

John Paul Cauchi,
2 x Powerlifting World Champion
David Jame is one of the most talented and smartest coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with...

I was lucky enough to be taken under his wing very early in my lifting career as he coached me into my first Powerlifting World Championships in 2013. As someone with an extensive formal education in Sport Science (Honours in Muscle Physiology) and a plethora of practical experience coaching absolutely beginners to the extraordinarily elite, I could not further endorse David as a Coach and trainer. I encourage anyone pursuing improvements in strength, sports performance, physique or general health to contact David and take advantage of his bank of knowledge and ability!

Lepeka "Peks" Nanai,
Powerlifting World Champion & World Record Holder
I feel lucky to have Dave in my corner...

David is the coach everyone wants. Personally I feel lucky to have him in my corner. I remember Nationals 2010. I felt discouraged. I called a taxi to go home. Then I heard David yelling. What he said totally changed my mind. Now, when I feel discouraged from hard training I hope to hear his yell. It's almost like Red Bull! He has played a big part in my success in becoming a World Champion and breaking 3 world records, and most importantly, in me believing in myself.