Strength is for everyone!

Although much of David’s time is spent with athletes and teams, he firmly believes that strength is for everyone. Quality resistance training is by far the most effective way of countering the physical deficiencies and postural weaknesses that are caused by excessive screen time and sedentary office jobs, yet it requires technical expertise and expert coaching to avoid injury. As a private client, you will have the opportunity to train with David one-on-one in his specialised powerlifting studio in Thornbury. You don’t have to be advanced, just serious about learning correct technique. You will find that the powerlifting movements, when done correctly, can change your life even if you never set foot on a competition platform. 

Client, Strength Coaching Australia
David has made my transition into barbell training easy and efficient...

I can't recommend David Jame enough. As a female in the gym I was hesitant to start lifting on my own. I was seeking out a trainer to teach me how to squat and deadlift efficiently and safely, after reaching a good level of cardio fitness but stalling in progress and becoming bored and frustrated on the machines at the gym. David has made my transition into free weight/barbell training easy and efficient. David has superior knowledge of technique, form and mobility and an ability to teach it. He has the ability to spot strengths and weaknesses and recommend what you can do to perform better in squat, bench and deadlift.

Sam Opat,
Client, Strength Coaching Australia
I'm leaner than I've ever been and stronger as well...

I first met David in Dec 2013. I had been looking for an alternative to 30 years of laborious gym activity and a way to get stronger. When I first met Dave I could only squat about 100kg (badly), bench about 80kg and was very nervous deadlifting anything more than 110kg. Over the last seven years Dave has coached me to a 220g squat, 150kg Bench and 275kg Deadlift. He has ironed out all my weak links. I have so much better posture that most people think I’m still getting taller. I'm leaner than I’ve ever been and stronger as well. He is a wealth of knowledge and has a coach's eye, such that I’ve never experienced before. With the strength coaching he has given me, I have now taken up Powerlifting. I can highly recommend David, whether you are wanting to improve general strength for life or wanting to improve yourself in a sport.

Dominique Caesar,
Client, Strength Coaching Australia
Become a stronger, happier version of yourself...

Two years ago, I contacted Dave to learn more about strength training in an effort to manage my mental health. I was a bit apprehensive starting out, but Dave's friendly, approachable manner put me at ease. Dave has the knowledge and experience to teach technical movements to people of any ability, but what makes him stand out as a great coach is his empathy and his ability to acknowledge individual difference.

Dave has taught me that strength training is sustainable, adaptable and fun (something I never thought I would say about any physical activity!). Since training with Dave, not only have I seen growth in my strength and physical capabilities, but also in my confidence, concentration and emotional wellbeing. I have no hesitation in recommending Dave to anyone who is interested in becoming a stronger, happier version of themselves.