The "Coach's Coach"

David has helped hundreds of fitness professionals upskill their lifting and pass on the benefits to their clients. Being a “Coach’s Coach” is more than just about advancing the trainer’s own technical ability, but also passing on the best ways to teach, troubleshoot and program the various lifts to effectively guide the broadest range of clients on their individual strength journeys. 

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While many fitness professionals train privately with David, he also runs workshops for gym owners, and tailored masterclasses in the three main powerlifting disciplines to upskill gym staff.  

Stuart Bush,
Course Coach / Lecturer, The Australian Institute of Fitness
Truly a world-class coach...
Comprehensive technical knowledge is often the most prized attribute in any coach. However to be truly great, a coach must also be an excellent communicator, capable of breaking complex concepts down into simple, easily understood points. Dave's technical knowledge of strength and performance training is unparalleled, but it's his ability to simplify information and teach in a way that is easy to understand and implement that makes him truly a world-class coach.

I have been privileged to have Dave as a colleague and mentor, and the knowledge he has given me has unquestionably helped me excel in my career in the fitness industry.

Iskender Sur,
Head of Personal Training, Melbourne University Sport
David Jame sets the benchmark for lifting and coaching

Do you want to get extremely strong and powerful for life, increase sporting performance or simply just increase your coaching knowledge? Then David Jame is the man who will get you there! 

A true professional, he tailors his teaching to communicate in the most effective way when coaching the main strength movements for continuous progression. The highest level of service is all this man provides!

See him..... pay him...... and you get results worth every cent!! He really sets the benchmark for lifting and coaching!!

Bevan O'Keefe,
Personal Trainer, Fitness First Australia
First class instructing skills....

After completing around ten one-on-one training sessions with David, I highly recommend him to anyone who wants or needs to learn proper technique, whether as a powerlifter or a personal trainer like myself. What I have learnt from David has helped me educate my clients on the proper way to perform the three big lifts. David's instructing skills are first class, very thorough and precise and breaks each movement down well for you to understand.