Quality barbell training to maximise your performance

As a dedicated athlete, you are probably highly skilled at your sport, but maybe not in the weight room. Most athletes recognise that quality barbell/free weight training is the best way to help them maximise their performance, but lack the guidance to train safely and efficiently. For Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting coaches, this type of training is their sport and they take it just as seriously as you do yours. David is qualified and highly skilled in both types of lifting as well as being an elite athlete himself. He has worked with track cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, boxers, wrestlers, underwater hockey players, rowers, pole vaulters, and many others. If you expect the same level of experience and commitment from your strength coach that you demand from the coaches in your chosen sport, then book in for a consultation. 

Rees Quilford,
2016 Men's Underwater Hockey World Championship Winning Team Member
World class support and conditioning...

I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your support and guidance in the lead up the Worlds. Underwater Hockey is well outside the norms but your tailored training support and conditioning insights over the past 6 months have been world class. Your support has been crucial in getting me into a position to perform at an elite level here in South Africa. The Australian Men are World Champs again and I thank to you for assisting my contribution to that achievement. You're a gun.

Siobhan Moran,
Melbourne University Elite Athlete Program (Hockey)
I have seen marked improvement in my strength, power, and sporting performance...

When I first started training with Dave I was a total gym novice and was skeptical of the benefits that strength training could have for my sporting performance. Over the past two years, Dave has not only taught me proper lifting technique and helped me to correct several muscular imbalances, he has also developed my understanding of the science behind these strength training methods and fostered my own passion for sports science. Under his guidance, I have seen a marked improvement in my strength, power and sporting performance. His encouragement and positive attitude has been a constant source of support for me in my training, and his extensive knowledge and experience is second to none – I can’t recommend him highly enough!